Global Investment Advisory

Volatility is today’s norm, and active diversification is our core mission.

GAINSBOROUGH CAPITAL has chosen a select group of boutique world-class investment managers in the U.S. and overseas.

Their proven compatibility with our values is key to our own fundamental wealth proposition:

  • Long-term protection of private wealth:
    • Irrespective of market behavior, our core mandate is protection, and our benchmark is zero. Our managers are not market timers.
    • While conservative, our managers are active and opportunistic, within the risk/return boundaries of each client portfolio.
  • A sophisticated mix of strategies, skills and tools:
    • “Open Architecture” platform, partnering with “best-of-breed” professionals worldwide.
    • “Global investing” approach.
    • “Absolute Return” investment strategies, aimed at achieving the return objective agreed upon with our clients at the outset, and re-visited as needed. This can involve going beyond traditional portfolio theory – and adding proven tools such as alternative investments, while remaining well within the risk containment parameters of the portfolio.

GAINSBOROUGH CAPITAL’s role is to facilitate continuing harmony between the management of the clients’ portfolios and their changing situations, profiles or preferences. We maintain a discipline of dialogue with both clients and managers – and between client and manager. Our compensation is a share of the fees paid by the client to the manager, i.e., our services are not an additional cost to the client.

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