Family Office

As a private adviser, our purpose is to serve in the management of the affairs of the wealthy, in the areas where we can apply our unique strengths. What we call ‘Family Office’ services are completely individualized and opportunistic, and offered on a zero-fee basis as an integral part of our client relationship.

We are current with wealth-related issues facing ‘cross-border’ families: foreign nationals in the U.S., individuals and families with multiple-country residencies, U.S. residents with foreign ancestry or relatives established overseas, U.S. entrepreneurs with global business interests…

Typical ‘Family Office’ services would include:

  • Advice for established artists.
  • Introductions and referrals to professional counselors in various fields, such as legal and tax (including estate planning) and accounting, worldwide.
  • Residential real estate:
    • for U.S. real estate held by residents or non-residents: access to non-conventional sources of large mortgage financing.
    • conversely, we are in a position to assist wealthy U.S. residents in funding the acquisition of residential real estate overseas.
  • As an integral part of its approach to relationships, GAINSBOROUGH CAPITAL will offer its clients preferred access to U.S. and cross-border transactional opportunities in most major asset classes, which may be compatible with their wealth building strategies.

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